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“Dr. Pete has such a great manner with his patients. He is a good listener and will go out of his way to make you feel better. I have seen several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Pete by far is the best. I always know I am in good hands with him.”  -Evelyn Civinski 7/21/10

“Dr. Pete is the most caring and attentive doctor I have ever met. I have been going to him for 5 months now. He takes his time with his patients and does not rush you out like most doctors do. His ultra sound and massage therapy is the greatest. I tell everyone how great his therapy is and they tell me that their chiropractor is not like him. He does a lot more than adjustments. He is like family after y0u are there a few times. His office staff is very friendly and helpful. Anyone can afford him. He is definitely the best.” -Shakira Ghanie 7/29/10

“I began treatment with Dr. Bassora for mid-back pain. Within a few weeks, I was feeling better than new. In addition to providing treatment for my back pain, he showed me exercises to strengthen my back and combat the cause of my pain. I still regularly see Dr. Bassora to keep in top physical condition. I have practiced Haphido for 10 years and there is a huge difference in how I feel after I started treatment at Bassora Family Chiropractic about a year ago. Whether it’s a stiff neck or a back spasm, Dr. Bassora will take care of you.” – Tim Birbiglia 8/9/10

“I first started going to Dr. Bassora about a year ago. I was in so much pain when I walked into his office. He started treatments right away and within the  first week my pain was gone. My left leg was weak, but with continued treatments and therapy, I was able to get back on the tennis court. Without Dr. Bassora’s help and treatments, I don’t think I would have been able to reach my goal of playing tennis again. He encouraged me right from the beginning, “you will be back playing tennis”, and he was right. Thank you.”-Laura Lima 10/27/10

Pete Bassora is the most amazing chiropractor. I have hobbled in that office unable to bend, and in tears. Pete’s adjustments are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! He spends time with you and uses all of the most innovative techniques to make you feel better. He never rushes you out like other doctors. When you leave that office, you feel like a million bucks. He is the only chiropractor anyone should ever go to…………”-Donna Pasquin 11/3/2010

Dr. Pete is fantastic! He doesn’t rush you at all with your adjustments- he really takes time to work on you so that you leave feeling like a million bucks! Erica, the office manager is so special… she is living proof that not all staff at doctor’s offices are mean, cranky, rude, and unhelpful. Just the opposite- she is a ray of sunshine and she makes everyone feel welcome when they come to the office. Between Dr. Pete’s amazing care and Erica’s bubbly personality, Bassora Chiropractic is an absolute dream!”-Andrea Pasquin Martinez 3/12/2010

Dr. Pete listens to his patients and unlike other doctors I know he actually cares about his patients. He’s dedicated to his profession and isn’t satisfied until he knows they are also. Aside for a Doctor he is also a friend to most of his patients and to me that is a characteristic I would value most! I would and WILLrecommend Dr. Pete a million times over! These have been an awesome 3 years and now I have the luxury of being solely a patient!! WATCH OUT DR PETE..CANT GET RID OF ME THAT EASY! XOXOXOX” -Erica Pasquin 4/22/2010

“I count my lucky stars every day that he is our chiropractor. I know we can count on him at any time.” -Georgine Brown 5/11/11

“Dr. Bassora takes great care of me! I first came into his office in severe pain from plantar fascitis. He knew just how to treat me, and also gave me a protocol to do at home to prevent a recurrence.” -Cheryl VanRiper 5/11/11

“Dr. Pete offers his patients personalized chiropractic care as well as a Holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. His office offers a nutritional counselor as well as supplemental products. Exercise advice and support to properly compliment the exercises to maintain good posture and tone without injury. I highly recommend Dr. Pete Bassora to my friends and family.”-Jamie DeVisser 5/19/11

“There is such a welcoming feeling as soon as you walk into Dr. Pete’s office. Stephanie and Luciana are always there with a warm welcome and smile. Dr. Pete always greets us with a smile and is genuinely caring towards his patients. I can’t thank Dr. Pete enough for putting me back together so many times. Like the nursery rhyme goes…”all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again”, But Dr. Pete Can!! I guess that’s the teacher coming out in me. Thanks to Dr. Pete, I know I’m in good hands.”-AmyLynn Cangialosi 6/20/11

“Dr. Bassora is by far the greatest chiropractor I have ever been to. He is the main reason I still come. He pays attention to detail and is very personable. I have been to other chiropractor’s and have been hurt. If you are thinking of returning to a chiropractor for any reason, I highly recommend coming to Dr. Pete. You will receive quality care.”-Mark Facciollio 7/14/11

“Dr. Pete spends a lot of time getting to know his patients and a lot of effort in diagnosing their condition. His personal approach to develop customized treatment plans is a formula for success. He has improved my mobility and rotator cuffs, and encouraged me to continue living a healthy and preventive/proactive lifestyle. His dedication to his patients and continued education are apparent from your very first visit.” -Fred Castrovinci 11/8/11


Comment from Jerry Ruscingno
Time August 17, 2010 at 9:12 pm

It is with much appreciation and respect that I write a brief message on Dr. Bassora’s website. I have had numerous neck, shoulder and low back injuries for years and have gone to numerous chiropractors, as well as other medical practitioners. I had neck pain that was so debilitating that it effected my driving, my work plus every area of my life. I went from chiropractor to chiropractor, as well as to many physical therapists and massage therapists. There was nothing that relieved my pain.
I sincerely do not believe that it was an accident that my path had crossed Dr. Bassora’s. I actually met him through another chiropractor who was excellent as well, but stopped actively practicing to pursue another career path.
When I met Dr. Bassora, I was hesistant at first, since it was now over a year that I had stopped working out and had struggled to socialize and keep an upbeat attitude at work.
Dr. Bassora had did a complete physical exam, and had introduced me to a technique called ART ( Active release technique). He had spent at least 45 minutes with me on my first appointment and I saw him 2 more times during that initial week.
I was approximately 70% pain free and I was actually anxious and excited for my next weeks session. Dr Bassora had slowly added exercises to compliment his adjustments and in less than a month I was back in the gym, had regained by upbeat personality and referred one of my friends to him as well as one of my family members.
It is 4 or 5 years later and I still try to make it to Dr. Pete’s office once a week. I don’t live close to his office, it is approximately a 50 minute ride, but well worth the time and effort.

If your reading this site, call 973-439-9355, if you are having musculoskeletal pain in any area of your body. Follow Dr. Pete’s treatment plan and enjoy feeling yourself again. However, don’t call on a Tuesday, he’s probably playing golf LOL

Thanks again
Dr Bassora

Comment from Andrew Smith
Time October 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Words can not express my appreciation in all that Dr. Bassora has done. When I first began visiting him, I had issues what could not be properly diagnosed by my family physician or several “specialists” I began thinking things were in my head but after only a few visits to see Dr. Pete, I began feeling so much better. As I was reminded it was not going to be an overnight resolve, but even after month I felt so much better. No longer did I wake up feeling sore, my headaches went away and even my days seemed shorter because of how I felt.

I consider him my primary care physician and seek his advice on all my health concerns. He not only takes the time to explain things in a way anyone can understand, but with a care that separates him from all other medical professionals.

I have now named chiropractic wellness care as much of a routine in my life as I do when it comes to eating a healthy meal or exercising.

Andrew Smith – 10/20/2010

Comment from Mimma Bassora
Time November 5, 2010 at 5:06 pm

It is such a good feeling to see all of the positive testimonials patients have written about Dr. Bassora (also known as my husband). Dr. Bassora is not only a great doctor but he is truly an amazing man. He puts his heart and soul into his practice and into healing each of his patients. Even when he comes home he continuously researches new ways to help his patients and to integrate new techniques into his daily chiropractic practice. In addition to alleviating daily stresses and staying in shape Dr. Bassora has a way to motivate each of his patients to increase their quality of life and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am so proud of all of my husband’s accomplishments and how his talent, dedication and hard work is recognized and appreciated by all of his patients (including me)!

Comment from pete
Time October 15, 2011 at 1:34 am

Dr. Pete is the best!

Comment from Jennifer Landau
Time March 28, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Dr. Pete is wonderful at what he does. I have had back, neck, and knee pain for 15 years. None of my Dr.’s, until now, could make it completely go away. As long as I continue to see Dr. Pete on a regular basis, I remain pain-free. Even now while I’m pregnant! He helps in other ways too, like tips and demonstrations on exercise. The entire staff is warm, friendly, and attentive. I highly recommend this practice and their services.

Comment from Gregory Lawley
Time April 2, 2012 at 8:25 pm

By far the best Chiropractic doctor I have even visited and I have been to many over the years. Not only has Dr. Pete relieved the pressure in my mid-back he tied me in with a wonderful nutritionist, Jackie Klein, and that has turned my diet around 100%. I feel great and also have two new friends! Thanks Pete and Jackie.

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