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March 2019
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    5 Steps to a Stress-Free Summer

    By Editorial Staff Summer’s finally here, bringing warm weather, long days and plenty of time to enjoy it. After all, with kids out of school and your vacation time likely reaching its max, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to chill out, de-stress and relax. But is that what’s going to happen? Too many people turn [...]

    Exercise Your Right to Change Up Your Workout

    By Editorial Staff To Your Health March, 2013 (Vol. 07, Issue 03) You’ve been working out for the past three months and you’re feeling great. You’re losing pounds, dropping inches off your waistline, and toning and tightening muscles you didn’t even know you had – and that thought you’d forgotten them. Then you hit the [...]

    Try Exercise Instead of Surgery for Back Pain

    While it’s true that some back problems are so severe that they warrant surgical attention, the disturbing trend in medicine these days is to put patients under the knife, rather than investigate possible nonsurgical options. Disc degeneration often necessitates a surgical procedure called “lumbar fusion,” but as a new study shows, exercise combined with cognitive [...]

    Why We Are Fat and What We Can Do About It

    By Marlene Merritt, DOM, LAc, ACN You know you’ve done it — seen someone morbidly obese and thought to yourself, “Why couldn’t they just control themselves?” or stood in the supermarket, comparing people’s carts to how they look, or any other myriad of judgments we have when we see someone who is overweight. Many of [...]

    How To Kickstart Your Metabolism

    By Julie T. Chen, MD Many people think that metabolism is only affected by exercise. That is not true. It is true though that exercise is essential for losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and for overall health. But it is not the only way to achieve all three goals. Our diet is a big part [...]