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September 2019
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    5 Steps to a Stress-Free Summer

    By Editorial Staff Summer’s finally here, bringing warm weather, long days and plenty of time to enjoy it. After all, with kids out of school and your vacation time likely reaching its max, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to chill out, de-stress and relax. But is that what’s going to happen? Too many people turn [...]

    When Technology Causes Pain

    By Editorial Staff It’s all parents can do these days to keep their overstimulated, technology-crazed children from spending all day on their smartphones, laptops, tablets and video game consoles. While technology continues to improve our lives in many ways, not the least of which is our ability to access information – a good thing when [...]

    Have a Heart: Say No to Soda

    Study suggests high intake increases risk of heart disease. By Editorial Staff It’s not enough that soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages have been linked to cavities and weight gain, among other negative health consequences. Now comes a study that suggests high daily intake of soft drinks can elevate your risk of developing heart disease. [...]

    Eat Fish, Live Longer

    We all know eating fish has a number of benefits, but what if we told you it can also help you live longer? That is what many researchers have found after doing numerous studies. According to a new study, eating fish could potentially slash an older person’s risk of dying prematurely by more than a [...]

    Going Shoeless: The Pros & Cons of Barefoot Running

    By Linsay Way, DC With the subculture of barefoot runners and the products catering to them growing daily, just about every chiropractor has been asked at one point or another about their opinion regarding barefoot running. The feet are some of the body’s most beautifully efficient mechanisms, so changing the way they’re used every day [...]