"Dr. Pete has such a great manner with his patients. He is a good listener and will go out of his way to make you feel better. I have seen several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Pete is by far the best. I always know I am in good hands with him." —E. C.

"Dr. Pete is the most caring and attentive doctor I have ever met. I have been going to him for 5 months now. He takes his time with his patients and does not rush you out like most doctors do. His ultra sound and massage therapy is the greatest. I tell everyone how great his therapy is and they tell me that their chiropractor is not like him. He does a lot more than adjustments. He is like family after you are there a few times. his office staff is very friendly and helpful. Anyone can afford him. He is definitely the best. —S. G.

" It is with much appreciation and respect that I write a brief message on Dr. Bassora's website. I have had numerous neck, shoulder and low back injuries for years and have gone to numerous chiropractors, as well as medical practitioners. I had neck pain that was so debilitating that it effected my driving, my work plus ever area of my life. I went from chiropractor to chiropractor, as well as to many physical therapists and massage therapists. There was nothing that relieved my pain.

I sincerely do not believe that it was an accident that my path had crossed Dr. Bassora's. I actually met him through another chiropractor who was excellent as well, but stopped actively practicing to pursue another career path.

When I met Dr. Bassora, I was hesitant at first, since it was now over a year that I had stopped working out and had struggled to socialize and keep an upbeat attitude at work.

Dr. Bassora had done a complete physical exam, and had introduced me to a technique called ART (Active release technique). He had spent at least 45 minutes with me on my first appointment and I saw him 2 more times during that initial week.

I was approximately 70% pain free and I was actually anxious and excited for my next week's session. Dr. Bassora had slowly added exercises to compliment his adjustments and in less than a month I was back in the gym, had regained my upbeat personality and referred one of my friends to him as well as one of my family members

It is 4 or 5 years later and I still try to make it to Dr. Pete's office once a week. I don't live close to his office, it is approximately a 50 minute ride, but well worth the time and effort."—J. R.

" Words can not express my appreciation in all that Dr. Bassora has done. When I first began visiting him, I had issues what could not be properly diagnosed by my family physician or several 'specialists' I began thinking things were in my head but after only a few visits to see Dr. Pete, I began feeling so much better. As I was reminded it was not going to be an overnight resolve, but even after month I felt so much better. No longer did I wake up feeling sore, my headaches went away and even my days seemed shorter because of how I felt. I consider him my primary care physician and seek his advice on all my health concerns. He not only takes the time to explain things in a way anyone can understand, but with a care that separates him from all other medical professionals. I have now named chiropractic wellness care as much of a routine in my life as I do when it comes to eating a healthy meal or exercising." —A. S.